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Whatever your fitness and personal goals are
ONYX can help you reach them.

ONYX has a wide variety of classes that will push you physically
    to do things you never thought was possible!!


We call it the "accidental workout" because ONYX helps individuals achieve better health through fitness made fun! 


Pole Fitness-

Improves your strength and endurance simultaneously with a non-ordinary sport. You will learn spectacular spins and choreographies in an accessible way and a short period of time, encouraged by the other members of your group. Improve your fitness, muscle power, sense of rhythm, and become more confident. Without noticing you push your boundaries, so after a lesson you can't wait for the next one!

Pole 1.0- Beginner Level
In this class you will learn the basics of Pole Fitness and conditioning for the more advanced classes.
Wear shorts, no jewelry and do not wear lotion the day of class.
Once you have mastered all the different spins , climbs, elbow stands, fan kicks and other basic moves you are ready to take on inverts.


Pole 2.0- Inverts
Start to learn all of the different inverts in this challenging and fun class.  Push yourself to constantly get stronger by controlling your inverts and holding them for longer. Some of the different inverts you will learn are: Basic Invert, Shoulder Mounts, Handsprings, Brass Monkeys, Laybacks and more!

Pole 3.0- Intermediate Level
Once you are comfortable inverting you are ready to take on our intermediate class. Learn a lot of different tricks and combining them together in challenging ways

Pole 4.0- Advanced Level
This class is not for the faint of heart! This is for the poler that is ready to challenge themselves and work on those amazing difficult moves you see the pro's do.


Both classes are an all levels Pole class, you will concentrate on putting together routines and flowing through the movement. Embracing the sassier side of pole dancing


Aerial Classes:

Our mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun, creative, and airborne environment.  Aerial Classes incooperate suspended athletic conditioning, yoga poses, and pole & aerial arts inspired movements. These exercises are practiced using supportive fabric, and suspended hoops that are hung from the ceiling. The apparatuses allow you to suspend your body while sculpting your bodies in the air.  In addition to improving overall strength and flexibility, aerial apparatuses also helps improve body awareness, increase joint mobility, decompress the spine, and gives the opportunity to find creativity and joy in physical activity. 


Silks 1.0- Intro
Learn to climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines, and rely only your training and skill to ensure safety. Use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body in and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.
No aerial experience required! Suggested clothing is leggings or a leotard to protect skin on legs.


Silks 2.0- Beginner
Once you have mastered climbing and tying your knots you are ready to start learning basic moves and poses up in the air


Silks 3.0- Intermediate
You are now ready to start learning inversions up the silks and fly through the air in this challenging class


Silks 4.0- Advanced

Take you silks to the next level in this challenging class.

Beginner Hoop
Is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which you will learn the basic mounts and poses


Intermediate Hoop
Focus on strength, balance, and the essential skills for performing on the lyra


10 Punch Pass $120 (expires in 1 year)   
Drop-In Class Rate $16.00
One Week Trial $40.00

Punch Pass Monthly Membership-  * 6 month commitment (if you don't use the classes, you lose them) 
4 classes a month $45  
8 classes a month $64

Unlimited Memberships

$75/month 1 year contract

$85/Month 6 month contract

$95/Month 3 Month contract

$99/Month No contract


Early Termination of contracts: %75 of the balance

No Show Fee: $10         Late Cancel: $6


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