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How do I sign up?

After you have created a log in for yourself, on MindBody, you will be able to sign up for classes the day before at midnight.

If you have signed up for a class and are unable to come after registering  go online and cancel your class opening up your spot for someone else, if you cancel within 6 hours there is a late cancelation fee of $6, no show fee is $10. 


What do I wear?

That depends on what class you are taking.
Please remove all jewelry before coming into the studio.
Pole classes- Attire should be easy to move in but cover all the appropriate areas. Make sure to wear tight fitting shorts, a tank top with sports bra and no shoes.  Don't put on lotion the day of your class.
Silks and Hoop- Wear long tight pants


Can anyone do it?

Yes! We have guys, gals and nonbinary pals of all shapes and sizes taking our classes. We ask that if you are under 18 you have parental permission. Under 14 is not allowed. Please be aware that we are an adult studio that accepts everyone for exactly who they are, we are not going to sensor anyone's language or clothing. 


What can I do to help me improve in my pole and aerial classes?

We recommend to keep a consistent workout schedule so that you are learning everything you need to know. We also have dew point, dry hands, and rosin that help improve your pole and aerial grip. We also offer private lessons and workshops to help after focus your skills.

No Show Policy: $10 for every no show and $6 for every late cancel

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