I am here to be your support, to help you accomplish any goal you set your mind to. I am not here to tell you what you need to be, or what you need to accomplish to be amazing, because you already are! My desire is to help everyone gain that confidence within themselves and to love who they are. I want to inspire and push you to heights you never knew you were able to achieve and to love the journey along the way. Even if you are like me and it takes you a long time to accomplish much, because we are all here on different journeys with different struggles we have to overcome. I am excited to be a part of that journey with all of you.

Pole, Silks, Hoop and Flexibility Instructor


As an instructor at Onyx, I want to share my love for flipping my body upside down. Inverting the body has shown to change flows of energy, oppose gravity’s effect on the bodily organs and blood flow, energize the body and mind, and helps to overcome the fears of doing thing uncomfortable. I hope to help people change their perspectives and overcome the fears that exist outside of the doors of Onyx by pushing themselves to try things they didn’t know they were capable of doing. I seek to help people experience the same confidence, strength, and exhilaration I have experienced from being upside down.

Pole, Siks, Flexibility and Hand Balancing Instructor


As a pole and belly dance instructor at Onyx, my main purpose in teaching is to help my students to see their strengths as individuals. I aim to help them gain physical strength, overcome mental challenges, and become emotionally well in areas of body image and self-esteem. I also hope to be a friend for those who have none, and someone who can be a example of hard work and here to provide a loving, supportive and authentic experience for everyone I come in contact with. Pole has in a lot of ways given me my life back by showing me the strengths I never imagined I had! My hope is to pass along a similar feeling to the students in my classes.

Pole, Pole'Ography, and Belly Dance Instructor


For me, movement offers joy and challenge, as well as an expressive outlet, a way to connect with others, and a means to explore. At Onyx, I want to help create a safe and encouraging environment where you can find what movement can offer you. 

Pole'Ography Instructor


My passion for pole has become one of the driving forces in my life. From the first time going upside down, to performing in front of a stadium, pole sport has brought me places and opportunities I would have otherwise never dreamed of. I truly believe that happiness is achieved in this life by finding what you love, and doing it every day. As an instructor, I aim to share this love with people. I want to nurture their inner fire, so they may also experience the beauty in living passionately. I am an X-Pert Certified instructor, who has been teaching pole fitness since 2013. Titles include Aerialympics 2015 Pro-Division winner, and Colorado Pole Championships 2nd place runner-up both 2014 & 2015. I was also a featured finalist in the 2015 PCS Event at the Arnold Classic. I enjoy the many aspects that come along with competing and performing, and love to help students choreograph their own pieces. I am excited and honored to be a part of so many people’s personal pole journeys. I hope to help you fall in love with dance as I have, while also encouraging people towards a healthier lifestyle filled with movement and joy.

Pole Instructor


I love circus and aerial arts because they are healthy for our bodies and our minds. I love the strength that my body gains and the resilience that my mind gains. I love the creativity in performing and the sense of accomplishment I get after a good day at the studio. As an instructor I want to share the love and joy I have for this art form with others. I hope to guide my students safely through their journeys, to encourage them when they need it, to push them when they need it and to make sure we all have fun, because you can work hard and have fun at the same time.

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Pole Instructor

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Equipment is cleaned

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Masks are required for entering and exiting studio. If class is shared apparatus then masks must be worn the entire class.