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Specialty classes are a chance to build skillsets outside of traditional pole and aerial classes.


With various focuses, some classes challenge more strength- based skills while others are focused on movement quality or exploration.


With each unique class providing a different opportunity,  below you'll find more specifics of each class offered. 


Learn the art of going upside down on the floor.


We work on different hand balancing drills and skills including hand stands, fore arm stands, shoulder stands and head stands.


Beginner Friendly, all the skills are broken down with various drills.


Hand Balancing Instructor: Marie
Photography Credit: Tattered Butterfly

alta aerial shoot 2022 e 722 edit.JPG

Flexibility Instructor: Kaia
Photography Credit: Todd Collins


Improving your active range of motion off the apparatus, using correct form.


Movements can be modified to improve or maintain your current flexibility level.


Class focuses on conditioning and strengthening muscles through extreme ranges of motion.


This is an all levels class where we work on building floor to air movement skill sets.


Learn a short combination of moves on both the floor and in an aerial apparatus.


Some general familiarity with aerial apparatus is recommended.


Open to all levels (beginner level one to advanced)


Aerial'Ography Instructor: Andrea
Photography Credit: Tattered Butterfly

Pole'Ography Instructor: Lisa
Photography Credit: Benji


Learn a unique, stylized routine designed to increase your pole dance vocabulary while also focusing on musical and emotional connectivity.


This class is welcome to all levels and variations will be provided.


Experience dance styles such as modern, contemporary, sensual, latin, etc.

Twerk and Floor Werk

Work on the skill that gives that booty a jiggle.


You'll learn various floor, standing & inverted ways to twerk what your mama gave you.


Welcome to your new leg day


Knee pads are a must

Sneakers are welcome

Odd days are Basic Techniques
Even days are Choreography Focused

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